Saltwater fly fishing is one of the fastest growing facets of recreational fishing worldwide. While New Zealand is probably a late starter in that movement, it offers some of the best fresh and saltwater fishing on the planet. Fly fishing offers the opportunity to enjoy and learn about nature. It opens up many incredible adventures. While fly fishing necessarily points towards the fish as the end goal, this is often not really the true focus.

New Zealand is perhaps the only country on the planet where Yellowtail Kingfish, Seriola lalandi, venture into very shallow flats for a few months each year. On the flats, yellowtail kings are apex predators and are real trophy for the fly angler who can sight fish to these flats gangsters. Recreationally as a sport fish kingfish are worth close to $80mil NZ dollars annually (50million US). Fishing tourism is worth an estimated $946million and this was before this exciting new fishery was discovered. To the international fly fishing angler yellowtail kingfish are fast becoming a must have species.

"If fishing is like religion, then fly-fishing is high church"

Tom Brokaw


Seriola lalandi


Arripis trutta